"Omni in re, semper, et ubique tantum Deum video, ipsum Deum." MAM

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SDR Associates located in Hungary


Divine Redeemer Sisters in the Hungarian Province have Associate members who are seeking to operate in their surroundings. They do this with the merciful and redeeming love in terms of our Charism and spirituality.

There are three groups of Associate members working with our Sisters in Hungary. In Budapest 24 members, In Budakesz 5 members, In Piliscsaba 10 members with 4 women get preparing to join this group. All the groups get together once a year. The individual groups have frequent meetings with our Sisters and Communities. In May, 2014, all the groups went on a pilgrimage to Marian Basilica in Budapest – Mariaremet. Sister M. Jacinta Toth, SDR is the leader of these groups. She presented their activities in the parish, in the city, and in the families:

At first, we strive for our own formation and growth in the spiritual life listening to the Word of God and examining the life and legacy of our Venerable Foundress, Mother Alphonse Marie Eppinger. We examine her approach to neighbors and wonder what she would do if she were lived among us, today. In our daily contact with our Lord, we ask for strength to be able to spread the values of the Gospel.

We meet once a month. We pray the Breviary or Rosary. Following the prayers, we share our different experiences and problems. We pray for the current needs of the Church and the world, for our Holy Father, Francis, for world peace, for families and for the poor, etc. Our topic of conversations brings life situations in our families and other difficulties. There are, also, a positive events and enjoyable experiences which enrich and encourage us. This is a Community that is open to others, trying to see the needs of their surroundings and offer help in their parish and town. Therefore, we ask for intercession our Foundress, Mother Alphonse Marie, {as we all know she suffered many hardships}, to help us, today, to solve the problems of the needy.

How are the {SDR}Associate members active "in the field“?

They seek abandoned people and provide the necessary assistance, make purchases, accompany the sick to the doctor, help whit the care of patients in their homes... They do these charitable acts, with pleasure, voluntarily!

They become familiar with all our equipments. They meet, regularly with the laity in the kindergarten and College. They, also socialize well, with our elderly Sisters. For Holy Days and Holidays {Christmas, Easter, Feast of the Divine Redeemer – October 23} they prepare gifts for the Sisters and the elderly.

They are active in the service of the local Church. They help with the cleaning, Decorate the altar, Read at Holy Mass, Often participate in adoration and pray from the Breviary.

They seek to strengthen the faith of those who need it and try to get converts.

Each member tries to use their God-given talents wisely. We thank God for them and we are proud of them because of their willingness to help! The members enrich our whole Congregation.

They want to imitate our Foundress, Venerable Mother Alphonse Marie so, by their lives, they spread the good news of Redemption. Everything they do is for the greater honor and glory of God and the salvation of souls. We thank God for giving all these Associate member the special grace and strength to perform all these tasks.



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