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 ”The spirit of the Daughters of the Divine Redeemer should be the Spirit of Jesus Christ.” 
(Blessed Alphonse Marie Eppinger) 

Many of us are still under the strong experiences from the Beatification of our Foundress, Blessed Alphonse Marie. A great joy and enthusiasm filled us from the celebration in Strasburg. The Congregations, which originated from the foundation of Blessed Alphonse Marie, has been developed in diversity, which shows the fullness of redemption as well as the need of redemption of people. This becomes more clear to us.


The Beatification is also the beginning of the Jubilee year of the foundation of our Congregation on August 28, 1849. In 2019, we will celebrate the 170th anniversary of foundation of our Congregation. On this occasion, according to her tradition, the Church grants us, a plenary indulgence. The Decree about indulgence, granted from September 10, 2018 to August 28, 2019 and its translation, are in the Annex of this circular. This opportunity, which the Church offers us, let us use it responsibly for our personal life of faith and the spiritual development.

The Beatification and granted indulgence are the signs that as the Church, and at the same time in the Church, we can draw from the treasure of faith, the life, experiences and graces. The joy from the Beatification and the desire to gain indulgence should not push it into the shadows, of the center of Christian message – God, in Jesus became man, to redeem us.

Beatification of our Foundress showed us clearly how strongly our Foundress lived the mystery of redemption and how redemptive and faithfully she lived her vocation, she never gave up her life. Her urgent request for us is completed in her statement:  “The spirit of the Sisters of the Divine Redeemer should be the Spirit of Jesus Christ.” (Original Rule I, III)

If we believe God is loving, and receptive of people, He should also be notable and visible in our lives, actions, communities, prayers and works, simply in every situation of our life. Let us continue to bear witness to this God-loving and merciful love of God, let us be close to the people and accept them as they are so the redemption, liberation and conversion become.

Blessed Alphonse Marie, pray for us!

(From the letter of the Superior General to the Feast of the Divine Redeemer 2018)

The Decree:
- Original
- Translation

A Prayer of the Sisters of the Divine Redeemer
and their Associates

Lord, Jesus Christ,
You entrusted to the Church
to preach and live Your message.
Thank You for Your trust
that You put into people.
Thank You for our Blessed Mother Alphonse Marie,
who is the example for us.
Give us the gifts that she put in her work:
trust and self-confidence, courage and joy,
responsibility and solidarity,
tenderness for those who suffer, and willingness to help those who need it the most.
Strengthen our faith that we do not escape from the world and its challenges.
Wake in us the hope in order to spread joy
and sow the seed where we care about people.
Strengthen our love that we cooperate responsibly
on development of the Church and the society, where people are the center.
Let our community be a beginning
for Your kingdom, which is coming. Amen.