"Omni in re, semper, et ubique tantum Deum video, ipsum Deum." MAM

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Our life is full of questions, but the most often used is one: “WHY?”
This question is being said by children, youth, adults, even by those who are in old age.

Saying this question we want to know, most of all, the cause of pain, sickness, accident, disaster, misery, bad luck, adversity, etc., but seldom we say it in case of happiness, surprise, kindness, good lack, etc. This question we say to ourselves, to those around us, and very often to God. No matter how talented or smart we are, the answer to this question we often fail to find. Even people around us could not give us right answer. We listen to their answers more or less; therefore, not satisfied with the answers of people, we feel that there is Someone Who can answer. Thus, we turn to God with this question. “God, why did this happen to me?” “ God, why did this happen to my child, my relatives, my friends, others…” “Why?” “Why?” Can God give you the answer which will satisfy you? Do we listen to Him when He is talking?


The Foundress of the Sisters of the Divine Redeemer, Elizabeth Eppinger, Mother Alphonse Marie, was looking for an answer to this question since her early age. She looked at Jesus on the cross asking her mother, “Why did they crucify our Savior like this?” The wise answer of her mother helped her to make the decision to no more offend God by sins. Later on, when she was sick and struggled with misunderstandings of others, she did not ask, “Why am I sick?” “Why did this happen to me?” Instead of these questions, she looked at our crucified Jesus and united herself with Him, Who bore our sins and suffered for people.

Now, during the Lenten season we have the great opportunity to ask Jesus, “Why do I suffer?” but also, “Why are You, Jesus, suffering?” Then, unite with Him, in silence, listen the answer. Thus, you will understand “WHY?” God suffers with His people, as it is written in the Old and New Testament. He does not abandon anyone even they turn from Him. God is Love. He holds you in the palm of His hands.   

Sister M. Viannea Mareková

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