"Omni in re, semper, et ubique tantum Deum video, ipsum Deum." MAM

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Walking through the Advent Season

Under the word ADVENT we emerge many definitions and comparisons.

Is ADVENT SEASON, for us, a period of the new Liturgical Year, a period of reflection, a period of making new resolutions, a preparation for the coming of our Savior, or a period of wasted time of waiting for Christmas, the rush for gifts, enjoying the pre-Christmas markets, etc.?


All of us have survived many Advents, but none of them was repeated. Thus, Advent this year is, also, unique and original and won’t happen again. Take a chance offered, by the Church, in this liturgical period. Look at Blessed Mother Mary! She expected the Savior in humility. She prepared herself for His coming by perpetual prayer and the works of charity. Advent is a time of graces.

Let, Advent of this year, be for us:

  • - MORE RICH – in good works
  • - MORE HEALTHY AND PEACEFUL - in relationships
  • - MORE POWERFUL - in overcoming temptation
  • - MORE SENSITIVE – for the needs of others
  • - MORE GENEROUS - for the forgiveness and practicing works of mercy
  • - MORE OBEDIENT - to the fulfillment of God's will and keeping His commandments
  • - MORE POOR - for detachment of material things, detachment from addictions, etc.
  • - MORE CLEAN – to always have a pure heart through regular and depth examination of conscience and confession well done
  • - MORE QUIET – to capture the gentle voice of God, Who never stops talking to man
  • - MORE GENTLE - in criticizing and assessing
  • - MORE PEACEFUL – to leave space in your heart for God through prayer, adoration, etc.
  • - MORE TRUE – to themselves and to God
  • - MORE BRIGHT – to see the right way to walk, every day, on the way to Bethlehem, to Jesus, our Salvation
  • - MORE WILLING – to donate and share what I possess
  • - MORE PERSISTENT - in fulfilling our resolutions
  • - MORE FAITHFUL – in our daily duties and in faithfulness in the little things
  • - MORE BOLD – to issue the radical witness of God and to walk the path of holiness
  • - MORE WARM - in kind words, the words of thanks, praise and asking for forgiveness
  • - FREEZING DAYS (as it is usually in December) – if they come, so let it be, just to freeze, our sins and wickedness.

A blessed journey to Bethlehem, accompanied with the Virgin Mary, to the stable, where Jesus Christ, the Light of the World, shines!

Sister Arimatea Kiškovská      

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