"Omni in re, semper, et ubique tantum Deum video, ipsum Deum." MAM

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God Wants
God became man
among us,
where sometimes
its hard to live.
God became a child,
so in the little one we could unveil
His endless greatness
and learn what supreme means
God wants to live
in tents and shacks,
so we embark on a journey,
to find and adore Him.
(Paul Weismantel)

Christmas is a celebration not only of family, community, and marketing. It is also a celebration of wanting.

  • Do we want to bring into our lives the message of the Incarnation? 
  • Do we want to witness, by our simple lives, to God, who in Jesus became vulnerable, weak and fragile as a child?  
  • Do we want, through our unassuming and empathetic life, to help and support each other and let others taste the simplicity of God? 

In these days of celebrating the Nativity of our Lord, may we be open to God who directs us. May we understand that God wants to meet us at the same level. Christmas is the opportune time to experience this.   

In the festive joy from the Nativity of our Lord, the General Leadership wish you a Merry Christmas  

Enshrinement of the Relic in the Church of our Motherhouse in Sopron

On December 8, 2019 during the festive Holy Mass, was brought and enshrinemented the relic of our Foundress, Blessed Alphonse Marie in the Church of our Motherhouse, in Sopron. The celebration was attended by many priests, the Sisters of our Austrian, Hungarian and Slovak Provinces, Associates, co-workers, and believers from the town.
Sister Katarína Krištofová, Postulator, brought the relic during the entrance procession of the Holy Mass.
Holy Mass was celebrated by the parish priest, István Németh, who introduced the way of life of Blessed Alphonse Marie.
The Superior General, Sister Johanna Vogl, said to the assembly, “It is a moving reality for our Congregation that enshrinement of the relic closes a certain circle. Our Foundress visited the Sisters on May 1865, here in Sopron. Now she is present here in the relic. Although the Sisters are not present in Sopron since 1950, except for a short time, we can see that all of you who pray, express the faith, and meet here, you make this church and this community alive. Let us be led daily by the certainty and hope of Blessed Alphonse Marie. She expresses it with simple words, “Have courage, God is with you!

General Leadership     


The Solemnity of the Divine Redeemer 

On October 23, our Congregation will celebrate its feast, the solemnity of the Divine Redeemer. Christ Redeemer is the center of the spirituality of our Foundress, Blessed Alphonse Marie Eppinger. She invites us to meditate on the Mystery of Redemption often, so we can understand it better, and live as redeemed people.

On this occasion, the Superior General, Sr. Johanna Vogl, in her circular encourages the Sisters of our Congregation with these words:  “I might believe in the Redeemer if his followers looked more redeemed,” said Friedrich Nietzsche about 150 years ago. This statement is often addressed to Christians as an accusation.
Could this be said also of us, the Sisters of the Divine Redeemer? The Solemnity of the Divine Redeemer is an opportunity to reflect again on our charism and to acquire new strength and readiness to fulfill our mission as the Sisters of the Divine Redeemer in today's conditions and challenges.
People of today focused on constantly solving emerging problems. The word “redemption” sounds for them very passive. Are we less in need of redemption today than the people before us? Our feelings tell us: no. We should translate redemption to the language of our time and pass on people's life context, into our own life context.
In view of our faith, redemption always leads us to the One, whom we call Redeemer. He is the One, who redeems us, Jesus Christ.
Let us have courage and willingness to implement this redemption where we live, in the place and the phase of life that we live at present. Thus, we become powerful and free to testify to the meaningful life in obligation, and direct and guide people and ourselves towards God.

Jesus Christ is the permanent beginning and the permanent center of the mission which God entrusted to man. Let us all participate on this misssion and focus our whole strength on it, because humanity of today needs it more than ever. With these thoughts, we would like to celebrate the upcoming solemnity of the Divine Redeemer in our Congregation.

The Sisters of the General Administration      

Anniversary Celebrations

Our Congregation will soon celebrate two significant jubilees. On August 29, 2019, we will celebrate the 170th Anniversary of the foundation of our Congregation and on September 9, 2019, we will celebrate the first anniversary of the Beatification of our Foundress, Mother Alphonse Marie.

The life journey of Blessed Alphonse Marie was strenuous from her childhood through the foundation of the Congregation.
It was God’s plan given to the poor and unknown girl, because God “chose the weak of the world” (1 Cor 1:27) to do great things.

Blessed Alphonse Marie was confident in her vocation. While founding the Congregation, she was aware that the Redeemer entrusted her “the seed” and a great responsibility. God’s gift is multiplied in the hands of those who love “more” and try to live according to His will.  

To these upcoming particular days, the Superior General, Sr. Johanna Vogl, wrote to her Sisters, “Blessed Alphonse Marie was showing others that God is in everything, as she expressed, “See God alone, see God in our neighbor, see God in everything!
Accept this special situation as a challenge to testify to God, who is always with us on our way. He has been with us in every period of our lives as “God with us”. In this perspective, let’s evaluate every period of our lives. It is a precious opportunity which can lead us closer to God, who always feeds, keeps, and strengthens us.
Let’s stay in faith on the path as Abraham did. Thus, we will be able to live our faith on the path and develop it without any fear. With respect, attentiveness and fidelity, and with our eyes fix on Jesus, let’s build our communities in openness for change and conversion.
We live in a time of rapid transformation. If we fix our consecrated lives on the One who called us, we will walk through our everyday life peacefully and hopefully. We will develop the life style appropriate to the Gospel and we will live happily and be satisfied all the time.



We will celebrate these anniversaries looking to the past, which was given to us, with hope and gratitude. We look to Jesus, whom God gave us, with confidence and courage and bring testimony to Him.”

General Leadership     

 Terciate 2019

The goal of a spiritual deepening of the Sisters, who celebrated their Silver Religious Jubilee, was to consider the religious life in the light of the Gospel and in the spirit of our Foundress, Blessed Alphonse Marie and to renew their vocation.
The meeting was attended by a group of 7 Sisters (one Sister from the Austrian Province and six Sisters from the Slovak Province). This group was accompanied by the General Leadership. The meeting was held from June 26 to July 6, 2019 in Oberbronn (France), the places of the foundation of our Congregation.

It was outstanding to come in the places of the foundation of our Congregation and to consider our religious vocation, God’s work and grace in us and also to thank for a fruitful time.
During the Thanksgiving, at Holy Mass in the oratory, where the reliquary of Blessed Alphonse Marie is placed, the Jubilarians renewed their vows. Renewal of vows is not the repetition of a formula or the solidification in immobility. Renewal of vows means to renew the path of following Christ. 

In today’s world, it means to hear Jesus’ call again and to decide, as a community, how we can be meaningful today and to become the yeast for the world in the spirit of our charism.
These days were truly a strengthening of our faith and our vocation.
                                                                                                       General Leadership                                    



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