"Omni in re, semper, et ubique tantum Deum video, ipsum Deum." MAM

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The Opening of the General Chapter 2017

On July 7, 2017 the Sisters of the three Provinces and Region gathered in Rome for the 16th General Chapter. The Chapter will be until July 22, 2017.

”Bring to the people God’s love, hope and joy with courage and confidence as mother Alphonse Marie expressed it.” The members of the General Chapter will reflect on this Theme of the General Chapter, as well as the Associates and co-workers, who, by their lives and service, make visible redemptive love of Jesus Christ in Europe, USA and Africa.

The General Chapter was open on July 8, 2017 with a Solemn Holy Mass asking for the guidance and light of the Holy Spirit.

After the Solemn Holy Mass, the Priests and participants of the General Chapter came in procession to the Chapter Hall singing a hymn to the Holy Spirit. The Sisters of the General Leadership carried the symbols: candle, Bible, Constitutions of our Congregation in four languages, and the Relic of the Venerable Servant of God, Mother Alphonse Marie.

Sister Katarína, Superior General, in her opening speech, addressed these words to the participants of the Chapter:
“We prayed whole year, with one mind, with all our Sisters worldwide, to know the signs of our Lord’s presence and the signs of our time and make decision which will serve the unity, the good of our Congregation and the Kingdom of the Divine Redeemer, the Kingdom of truth, justice, love and peace.

 As the capitular Sisters, we are invited to renew the spirit in such a form that the life of our Congregation regains the freshness of our Foundress, her mission zeal, her youth dynamism and her matured holiness.”

The task of the assemble will be to elect the Leadership of our Congregation for the next period.

In this way, we ask your prayer support for the 16th General Chapter. Let all the capitular Sisters be open to the guidance of the Holy Spirit, to know the signs of His presence and answers to the needs of our times.

Sr. Arimatea Kiškovská, SDR  



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