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St. Joseph – Patron of SDR

In Holy Scripture, specifically in the Gospel, which is a real source of theology, there are not many words about St. Joseph. Even those few words are enough to make a picture and theological reference of this Saint which includes his role in the history of salvation, his virtues and greatness. Joseph is the last Patriarch to whom God spoke through dreams (cf. Mt 1:20-24).Joseph was born in Bethlehem, from the line of David. He was the foster-father of Jesus, his father before law and the spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary. St. Joseph is the one, who received the Mystery of the Incarnation. To him was sent the Angel of God, who announced, to him, the Mystery of Man’s Salvation. Joseph and Mary were connected by pure, spiritual and spousal love. They lived in mutual service and devotion to their Son, Jesus.  At the house of Nazareth the greatest mystery of the history of salvation, was completed. Their lives were not easy, but, full of joy. It was a journey of Faith, Love and Life connected with God. Joseph tenderly cared about God’s Son and His Mother. Joseph is called a “righteous man” (Mt 1:19). He stands by the side of his spouse, the Blessed Virgin Mary. Immediately after her he holds honor and respect.From Joseph's virtues Faith stands out in particular. We can see, that to believe, means to accept everything as coming from God, or leave everything. To believe, also, means never accept that God would abandon anyone who trusts in Him. Joseph’s faith and love of God and people was practiced toward his spouse and were the basis for all other virtues. The Holy Family exceled in extreme humility. The other Joseph virtues are righteousness, obedience, humility and willingness.St. Joseph died in Nazareth before the public ministry of Jesus Christ. The Church has special respect toward St. Joseph. She venerates him as a Patron sent to protect the Holy Family.  

What relationship had our Founder, Blessed Alphonse Marie, to St. Joseph?
At the beginning of the existence of the Congregation we find reference to its development. In February, 1850, our Foundress had a vision. She was in the garden by the Chapel. From the altar she heard the voice of our Lord, “This place is consecrated to Me. In the future, it will be large.” In that time the “Cloister” had already sixty Sisters. It was too small. In the neighborhood was said that at “Cloister” was small. There was really not enough room. It was necessary to build a new convent for the Sisters, whose number rapidly grew. Mother Alphonse Marie and Father Reichard did not doubt, even for a minute, that God would help them.

On the issue of building a new house, Mother Alphonse Marie prayed to St. Alphonsus. On March 24, 1850, St. Alphonsus told her, “The Patron of the Congregation is St. Joseph and not those present. Both features of St. Joseph’s, poverty and humility, must be stable characteristic signs of his Community. They must reign in this house and through it to other houses (cf. SCHNEIDT: Poučenia o živote ct. matky Alfonzy Márie, s. 35-36). In this time she sought St. Joseph to build a new cloister. Later the Savior added: “Behold, my daughter, my Father, St. Joseph, will be special protector and patron of this house. This Order will receive many graces through his intercession, yes, very special graces.” Then she was instructed about the simplicity of this Saint. Behold the simplicity of St. Joseph, my Father. I take great pleasure in this. That is why I give him to this house as Protector.” (PERRIN: The Life of Mother Alphonse Marie, p. 62-63).

The original Patroness of our Congregation, St. Alphonsus and St. Teresa, joined St. Joseph. He became the Protector and Provider. He had to build a new house, whose construction now had to begin. He should be the Protector and Helper in every need. Mother Alphonse Marie established St. Joseph as the main patron of the Motherhouse and whole Congregation. To him and St. Teresa of Avila the Chapel of the Motherhouse was consecrated.

The veneration to St. Joseph in our Congregation is very active to this day. His help is never endless and his protective hands are visible on many occasions.

St. Joseph, pray for us
and grant for us, a true spirit of community and the grace of a happy death.

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