"Omni in re, semper, et ubique tantum Deum video, ipsum Deum." MAM

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The Sisters of the Divine Redeemer are called to place their whole life at the service of the Redemption.


In fulfilling our mission in the Church and world we shall, in the spirit of our foundress Mother Alphonse Marie, minister to the poor and suffering and to serve the Kingdom in intimate union with Christ, in love and simplicity and we should be an instrument of God’s love. Through the physical and spiritual works of mercy we help people in their physical and spiritual needs and contribute to their peace and salvation. We want to be close to the people at the margins of society, to perceive their needs and accompany them to the life of dignity and esteem.

Blessed and called by the Spirit of God our foundress responded to the needs of her time in ministering to the poor and suffering of all ages regardless of their religion, gender and background. She helped and gave her attention especially to the sick in their homes; she took care of the poor, the abandoned, neglected children and made ​​sure that they were being taught. She helped the needy and turned to those for whose nobody cared. Always concerning the salvation of the whole person her ultimate goal was to make experience of God's never-ending love and mercy for the people and to give them hope.

Our vocation as Sisters of the Divine Redeemer enables us to live the charism of Mother Alphonse Marie today. It is our task to enable people to realize that the fulfilment of the salvation that Christ has won for us is already happening. We are called to place our whole life at the service of the Redemption. Our lives are grounded in God`s love which is revealed to us in Jesus Christ. In this way, we become capable of living from this Mystery of Redemption in freedom and joy. In the First Rule our foundress says: The Sisters of the Divine Redeemer are to serve Christ in the poor and in the sick bearing in mind these words “Whatever you did to least of my brethren, you did to me“ (Mt 2:40).  

In order to serve just as our foundress Mother Alphonse Marie, it is necessary to be penetrated with the spirit of the Gospel like her. With the following words she gave us the fundamental spiritual principles: “The spirit of the Daughters of the Divine Redeemer should be the spirit of Jesus Christ. Their lives should be completely modeled on his and take the direction from his life. His spirit should so totally animate and penetrate them that it becomes apparent in their words and actions. Each sister should be able to say with the Apostle, ´The life I live now is not my own; Christ is living in me´ (Gal 2: 20), so that the life of Jesus is evident in her whole being“ (cf. Original Rule 1, III).    

In faith and confidence in the help of God’s grace and the intercession of our Mother foundress we strive to make visible the merciful and redeeming love of Jesus Christ through pastoral, social, charitable, and pedagogical works, according her words, You shall encounter all persons who are entrusted into your care with love and kindness, being mindful that God is serving the person through you“.






















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