"Omni in re, semper, et ubique tantum Deum video, ipsum Deum." MAM

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God Wants
God became man
among us,
where sometimes
its hard to live.
God became a child,
so in the little one we could unveil
His endless greatness
and learn what supreme means
God wants to live
in tents and shacks,
so we embark on a journey,
to find and adore Him.
(Paul Weismantel)

Christmas is a celebration not only of family, community, and marketing. It is also a celebration of wanting.

  • Do we want to bring into our lives the message of the Incarnation? 
  • Do we want to witness, by our simple lives, to God, who in Jesus became vulnerable, weak and fragile as a child?  
  • Do we want, through our unassuming and empathetic life, to help and support each other and let others taste the simplicity of God? 

In these days of celebrating the Nativity of our Lord, may we be open to God who directs us. May we understand that God wants to meet us at the same level. Christmas is the opportune time to experience this.   

In the festive joy from the Nativity of our Lord, the General Leadership wish you a Merry Christmas  

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