"Omni in re, semper, et ubique tantum Deum video, ipsum Deum." MAM

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The meeting with the General Leadership, the Provincial Superiors and the Regional Superior was held on June 18, 2019, in Eisenstadt.

“Always be ready to give an explanation to anyone who asks you for a reason for your hope.” (1 Pt 3:15)

This informative meeting followed the previous meeting held in December 2018, with an opportunity to discuss the matter of facts, wishes and ideas.
“Today, when it is a great movement, to be in the service of leading, asks for new abilities. We have to be aware that the management of a religious institute looks different today than before or after the Council” stressed the Superior General, Sister Johanna Vogl, in her speech.


She gave some questions to the Major Superiors of the Provinces and the Region: What is important today? What is our task? Who we are today? Who are we on the global level? Where should we work together, to create networks, build bridges within our religious order as well as out of our religious order?

The spirituality of understanding leads us to small, yet meaningful gestures of compassion, which gives us hope.
Everything around us is on the move. The ground under our feet is shifting. The Institutions, which formed most of our lives, must be subjected to a profound examination of conscience. Besides the challenges, which changes religious life, we see the dawn. A new, smaller, and global religious life springs.
Pope Francis stresses that the future has a name, and the name of the future is the hope. Thus, with sensitive, simple and loving manner, we can retrieve peace and the dignity of human being.
With this task the Provincial Superiors of the Austrian, Slovak and Hungarian Province and the American Region parted.

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